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Murals & Artwork

by Dodi Lee


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Above the Stove was a large, black microwave oven; which was nice, but we don't use them.

I decided to paint a mural in its place.

Dodo measured the four areas to be covered, and cut out the boards for me to paint.

Keeping the boards close to make sure the ocean waves lined up well.   After prepping the boards with primer and gesso, I used the dining room table for my workspace.

The panel below-right was for the ceiling piece, making it resemble marble stone texture.

Below: All four components coming together!


Along comes the birds...




The palm tree is almost done.

Below are all four components completed and ready to be installed above the stove.  After the installation I brushed on 4 thin coats of matte varnish, and it cleans nicely.

Completed below.

Thanks for joining me...See you soon,  Dodi Li.

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