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Murals & Artwork

by Dodi Lee


This picture to the left is a side window and again the two front door windows leave little privacy. A person could come to the front door and see into your living and dining room and kitchen.

Using the same method as with the Master Bath Window, I started applying the liquid lead to create the initial designs.

Keep scrolling down for the progression of paint and completed effects.

The stain glass paint color is many shades darker until it dries, then it becomes transparent. Each layer deepens the color, and its easy, as well as interesting, to mix shades. Some are transparent, others are opaque.  To achieve the desired depth and color many layers need to be applied.

As seen to the left, I cut out the more vibrant blue sky areas to replace with more subtle sky. This is easy to do, making this definitely a 'design as you go' picture.

When completed, I hung sheers over the windows and removed a small section in the clipper ship as a peek hole.

As the picture below demonstrates, I cut out long strips of the opaque and filled it in with transparent.

With the sheers, the window glows in early morning light.


Thanks for joining me...See you soon,  Dodi Li.

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