began Sept 2009----work in progress----


The Master Bath Shower

Tropical Mural


Medical Disclaimer: ENJOY!

Construction by Dodo

Murals & Artwork

by Dodi Lee


-  JOY - PEACE - LOVE  -


The Master Bath Shower is 7 foot x 4 foot...large enough for a twin bed.  
When Dodo started pulling tiles we were shocked to find that the water backer-board mildewed and disintegrated to the point of brittle slate, and the wood framing studs were literally gone. 

Then we discovered that 6 years before purchasing the home, this bathroom was treated for a terrible attack of termites, but never repaired.  We were happy that we didn't find mold, but this shower had to be torn down to the cinder block siding and completely rebuilt. I will show that progress in another page.

We decided to lay ceramic tile up to just above the shower nozzle, so I started having 'mural' ideas.  Wouldn't it be more fun to shower under a window filled with tropical foliage?

We also decided to put an opening in the right wall for more ventilation, and to remove the seat where water seemed to pool up.

Suddenly we had a pretty window and a very messy bathroom. Once Dodo had all the mess torn out and the new walls and tiles constructed, I rolled out my wonderful cart of paint.

I bought this for $10 at a yard sale, and it's the finest tool for mural work.

I had no real plan, except to paint palms and tropical things. This house is taking on an unusual nautical theme.



The wall painted Dreamy Blue in satin base, I was ready to paint, starting at the back wall with some palm limbs



This will give you an idea of how tall the area is.

I love this ladder, but after a few hours standing on it my feet get numb.


Up go the palm fronds!



And another palm tree!

Then I decided it would be fun to have a fountain streaming down above the shower head.

I know that isn't logical, but works in the name of '''art'''


A little more developed here... with rocks and more palms.

Giving the palms some fronds.


And below, adding water to the fountains pools.

Isn't that inviting?



I decided to add more palms behind the fountain.

I often ponder; what is it that makes us like to go to exotic places for vacation? We should try to make our own environment one that we'd enjoy staying at while taking a holiday.   

My mother always said, "Soap is cheap." and our house was shining whether there was any money or not.

My father always claimed, "Paint hides a multitude of sins."  He was a house painter and should know.


More palms sprouting from the base of the fountain.

So if the house doesn't have a great view, wash the walls and paint a landscape!

I think this mural is starting to take shape, but tropical forest places need to be more dense. 

As the fronds dry, I go back and glaze them over with many different shades of greens and gold's and browns.

At this point I wished I had spent more time on the sky and painted more prominent clouds. There are misty clouds here and there, but hard to see in the photographs.



These pink, variegated leaves are from my garden. I cut a few and placed them in a bucket on my ladder tray to give me a more realistic view.





All the murals in this bathroom will have various shades of pinks and magentas, and all will have shades of oyster white and biscuit, like the new tiles.  The floors will hopefully be an oyster stone and trimmed with marble. 

This whole process has been going for two years now; and we work as we can afford the materials.  ... One thing I also love about painting, it isn't very expensive.  Reconstruction is horrendous.


Sketching in some birds.. I use many very thin layers of paint.


Now for some palms and hills in the distance to give this picture more depth.

And I couldn't resist putting spoonbills in that piece of sky!

Ahh!... now this is starting to feel good!

Banana plants and other greenery were needed around the pond...

but certain things were still missing...

For my dream vacation shower Mural, I had to include an orchid, again using

very thin paint. Let it dry, then more thin layers on layers.


It took 2 days to do the orchid.

Add ferns in the foreground

More glazing

on fronds...


Make window ledges...

 When the finishing touches of the shower are completed, I'll post the 'grand finale.'

Thanks for joining me...See you soon,  Dodi Li.

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