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Sept1, 2009  #1 The Window - Before -

This bathroom is spacious - BUT there (are) were numerous problems. I did not take a picture with the blinds open, which would show pretty trees and neighbors walking their pooches:-)    Even with the blinds closed, there were lots of viewing areas on the sides and seams.

The #1 trouble spot was having a window over the tub, which is situated in the front of the house, not many yards from the front walkway and street. There needed to be more privacy, without losing the morning light. 

The upper arch was fine. All that can be seen are the tops of trees and a patch of sky, which is quite pleasing.  The PeptoBismal pink was somewhat disturbing; not just the hue, but that our geographical area often develops a pink mold, and how could a person find it in this? The massive shower was the same color. (as you will soon see)

A friend suggested I look into a type of window paint that looks just like stain glass after it is applied and has dried, with assurance it is easy to apply.   That sounded great, especially the 'easy' part, because there were other rooms and packed boxes that were begging for my immediate attention. ....We'll get to those rooms later on...

I purchased the product and literally JUMPED JOYFULLY into the tub, thinking this would only take a couple days. .. This was a new form of art! OH FUN!!!

I did the bottom layer from a stencil, but had no real plan for the upper panes.  That's the way I work; rarely planning ahead,  letting the ideas and patterns fit in here and there. 

That's not always the best way; especially on this project.   What I thought would take a few days turned into a solid month. I kept changing designs, and working in nuances of shapes and colors.

This medium is not easy! It drips down the panes, blobs in areas, and it requires many layers. The result is wonderful if you have the patience and time. And it DOES look stain glass-ish.

A black thread border is used to put up a design, much like the lead would. The difference is, this is all plastic!  One other real problem with this is BUBBLES! 

I loved the results of the lower pane flowers, so I continued on with forming the design on the upper panes.

In the following frames I'll post the results.

We found better vertical blinds to cover from the top, which were of a nice texture; and during the day, even with the blinds closed, there is a lovely glow of color.

UPDATE: It's been 2 1/2 years since painting this window and it has not lost its color and glow. The paint seems as stable as when first applied.

I 'ahh-feel-good' LOVE opening the blinds in the morning!

Then... after a month of climbing into the tub to work, I began to notice that the grout between the tiles was crumbling and the pedestal was slightly caving in. (!) Also, on inspection of the shower, Dodo discovered that the walls behind the tiles were spongy!

We had a problem... and decided we were in for the long haul of total reconstruction and decoration of the Master Bathroom. ... doing it ourselves!!! ....  I kind of hated that pink... so now to decide on what will replace it.  Oh yes.... the floors are BLACK!!! That will change too.

Continue to enjoy the progress with us.

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