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Dodi Li



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Free Bird


Above It All


Harry  SOLD


A Pearl Found


Sunset Down Under


Wave 2


Wave 1

Bird in the Mist 18x24 inch acrylic on canvas





Sunny Wings and Sails  11x14 on canvas SOLD



Little Sea Lights  11x14 inch on canvas


SOLD  Agate Beach  6x6 inch on blocked canvas SOLD


Pebbles  8x10 on canvas


Palm Beach 18x24 inches on canvas


SOLD  Purracious 8x10 on canvas  SOLD


August Bird   14x7 inch on canvas


Isle of Treasures  11x14 on canvas

On Eagles Wings   on 10" x 20" blocked canvas

Details of On Eagles Wings (above)


Path of Light  4x6 on thick block canvas

 Left, Front, and Right views


Peace in the Valley 8x10 canvas


SOLD  Lil' Flag  2 1/2 inch canvas SOLD



SOLD SeaShine 11x14 inch on canvas  SOLD



Breezey   12x16 inches on canvas


Berry Fresh   6x6 inch on blocked canvas


Gonzostreet (front) 4x4 inch on block canvas

Gonzostreet Left and Right View



High Water Falls  4x6 inch

left  right


Winged Surfers  4x6 inches

left right


Rainbow River  (front) 4x6 inches on blocked canvas

Rainbow River (left & right)



Gertrude 4x6 inch on block canvas


Miracle Falls (front view) 4x6 inches on block canvas

Miracle Falls (left and right view)



Tuc's Branch SOLD on 6x6 inch blocked canvas SOLD



Lily Pink 6x6 inch on blocked canvas


Seven Dancers  4x6 inches on blocked canvas



Bridge to Peace SOLD 1/10/15 8x10 inch


Lisa 16x20 inch on canvas


SOLD  Ocean KiwiBird  8x10 on canvas SOLD


Brighton  8x8 inch on blocked canvas


Morning Surf on 6x6 inch block canvas



Lavendar Dusk SOLD 6x6 inch


KoiGems 6x6 inch


Joe's Rock SOLD 6x6 inch


Gilded 11x14 inches


Soft Sailing 16x20 inch


Pink Float  SOLD  6x6 inch on block canvas


Dream Beach 11x14 inch


Lifted  11x14 inch













Seven Memories  6x6 inch blocked canvas


Pantry Branch  6x6 inch blocked canvas


Three's Company  8x10 inch


Bayou Friends  8x10 on canvas


12x12 Blocked Canvas Violin Girl



Bright Bridge on 8x8 inch blocked canvas


Bridge Pond SOLD 8x10


 July Beach 8x10 on canvas


To Market on 8x8 inch blocked canvas


Ruby's Place  4x6 inch blocked canvas


SOLD ---- Lanai

Soothing Sand - SOLD -10x20 inch canvas


Float Along   SOLD 12/2014


Semiprecious Sand 6x6 SOLD 12/2014


SOLD --- Palms 8x4 foot on Masonite


SOLD -----Window of Ahh

SOLD----- Red Bridge Mural 8foot X 4foot


SOLD ----Aquarium 


Sunny Lighthouse SOLD 6x6 inch on block canvas

Sold ----Street Dance

Lighthouse Surf 4x6 inch on blocked canvas

SOLD  Lorrie Falls  6x6 inch on blocked canvas

SOLD  Florida Wings  6x6 inch on blocked canvas





Master Bath Sunny Window Mural


Master Bath Shower MURAL


Master Bath 4 Panel Ocean MURAL


Master Bath Floors, Paint, Trims

coming soon

Master Bath New Pedestal for Tub

coming soon

Front Porch POND Mural

coming soon

Front Door Window Murals


Stove Mural 4-7-12 Updated






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